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My passion is living between and among different cultures, understanding people with one goal:  to make my clients' work life more enjoyable and more successful .
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The most important stages in my professional development
You get the competence I have gained from my experience and my experiences:
  • Since 2004, expansion of my activities in and with India. Regular visits and work in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru. 
  • Developing cooperation between Indians and Europeans is one of my main focuses. My understanding of globalisation and the processes this requires are not merely theoretical. 
  • Specialisation in facilitation of internationalisation processes and an increased focus on supporting the development of executives, teams and organisations. 
  • I understand and experience the higher complexity of the / your international working environment.
  • Foundation of “Intercultural consultancy and organisational development” in 1993 focusing on the intercultural approach in companies, focused on German-French management and intercultural awareness. Further cultural focuses have been Italy and Switzerland.
  • Entrepreneurial way of thinking, serving my clients and acting on one’s own responsibility, leadership skills.
  • Equal opportunities officer in the Human Resources department of a life assurance company.  (1991-1993) Stuttgart, Germany)
  • Familiarity with corporate processes and leadership position in a change management project.
  •  Trainer and coach for communication, conflict resolution and self- assurance, in particular for women in leading positions.(free lance, 1989-1993)
  • Diverse and wide-ranging experience in coaching, which strengthened my sensitivity and expanded my repertoire of methods. 
  • Customer consultant and sales activities within the German-speaking part of Switzerland in a company for precision engineering and microsurgical retinal instruments. (Geneva, Switzerland, 1989-1991)
  • Customer orientation, giving priority to an awareness of the customers’ needs and the service quality they expect.
  • Teaching adults, junior school children and students, translations.  (Würzburg, Germany, 1986-1988))
  • German and Romance studies (French and Italian. literature and linguistics) in France and Germany. (Le Mans, Paderborn, Würzburg) 
  • The ability to figure out the best-suited didactic method. Learner Orientation.
  •  The joy to be found in exploring the depths of a language and a culture – also yours.

My additional qualifications:

- Systemic organisational development (3-year curriculum, community consultancy, Frankfurt)


- Client-centered communication (3-year curriculum, Thomas Gordon Inc, Bonn) 

- Systemic coaching (seminars, Management Center Voralberg) 

- Group dynamics (laboratories, Mundo / Tavistock Institute) 


Where I have lived to date: 


Born in 1958 in Algiers. Followed by Nice, Toulon, Le Mans, Gelsenkirchen-Buer, Paderborn, Rome, Paris, Würzburg, Geneva, Bad Boll, Kirchheim/Teck.

Currently in Berlin and Nice. Often in India, New Delhi, Mumbai and more places.