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Team Development

International - often virtual - teams form the most common working unit in many companies.The team members are often located at different sites, in different countries and on different continents.

The professional and regional cultures are diverse and a team is more than merely the sum of its members - it has a life of its own and its own dynamics.
International teams often fail to achieve a healthy balance and studies show that they often stay below the desired performance level.*

The results are frustration, wasted time, a great deal of stress for the people involved and a drop in efficiency. And that entails costs.

If the human factor is proving difficult to handle, the whole team needs team development support to become more efficient.

How we work

We support your teams and bring them into “top form” in 5 phases:

  1. Contract: initial contact and definition of goals;
  2. Diagnosis: interviews with team members;
  3. Workshop: the information that has been collected is discussed in a workshop; the challenges are analysed and the next steps decided on;
  4. Sustainability: how it works in practice is what is important - we safeguard sustainability together;
  5. Balance: assessing goal achievement. 

This is a framework that we adapt flexibly to your team’s actual situation.

We work on the quality of your communications, the structure, work organisation, leadership culture or intercultural cooperation – depending on your needs.

Virtual teams – We call them ‘multi-site teams’:

A virtual team is spread out geographically and yet still forms a real structural unit. Bringing together the entire team to take part in workshops is no longer realistic and does not correspond with the reality of today’s working world.

With our worldwide network of consultants, we have developed a methodology for supporting multi-site teams which brings together the entire team effectively in a joint process. (please find more information at “Login”)